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Maria G - She's Easy On The Eye, But Tough On Dante.
Maria G is so easy on the eyes - her big biceps, hard abs, powerful pecs, and killer quads all complimented by her pretty face - it's easy to forget how tough she can be on the guys who upset her. She certain gives Dante all he can handle.

5 minute(s), 12 second(s) Video


Maria G - She Just Destroys Dante!
Sexy Maria G finds herself in front of another hapless male. How is the powerful female bodybuilder going to handle this? Well lets just say that she is going to workout her big biceps, powerful pecs, delicious abs and glorious glutes by crushing and scissoring Dante into oblivion! Maria G is powerful. She knows it, we know it, and now Dante knows it!

7 minute(s), 24 second(s) Video


Coco Crush - She Has A Crush On Him. With Her Leg Muscles.
Female bodybuilder Coco Crush is scissoring a man with her powerful, tattooed legs, smothering him with her muscular glutes, and pecs and vascular biceps, and using her ripped abs to help crush him. He's definitely feeling it.

8 minute(s), 44 second(s) Video